Coding is easy! You can learn how to create a website in just one week using basic HTML and CSS, it's all a matter of will power and of course there are coding languages that are easier than others. Take a look at how to start.

How to create a website and more

Welcome to CODE Island!
You can now learn how to create websites using HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and Python.


HTML5 is the newest version of HTML Markup language that allows to create basic websites. Ideal for small company websites, portfolio, hobby without having to complicate stuff. It's easy to learn and fast to apply.


CSS3 are the style sheets that allows webdesigners to create formatting standards for a website giving a twist of colour and animation without having to specify all in the HTML document.


For the most complex and dynamic websites Javascript is the ideal language to use. It allows animations, special effect and menu, complex functionalities in the website. Javascript is at the base of e-commerce and blogs.

What else can i learn...

Python - AI, Automation & Machine Learning

SQL - Databases and queries

Photoediting and logos

User centric design and design thinking


More to come...

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Web development free apps

Web development

All softwares you need to design your websites. There are plenty of free tools that can be used to design a website.

Create a website
Coding apps for free


All you need to start coding. All free softwares that allow you to write your code and develop apps from scratch.

Create an app
Free Database tools


Create and query databases with these softwares. With these tools you can create, query and modify your own databases.

Query a database

What else can i learn?

Well, let me finish a few areas of the website and think about it. Of course if you have any suggestions please let me know, contact us via the social media or via email.

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