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What is Javascript?

Javascript is a programming language very popular nowadays in the web development, it is used to animate the static HTML pages with effects and interactive content.

Initially developed to cover interaction with the user like animated buttons, games, content appearing at a specific timing, click and moving through the page Javascript is now the scripting language used in the most modern websites.

The first version of Javascript called Mocha was created by Brendan Eich in just 10 days, he was asked in 1995 to create a Java similar language by his boss at Nescape....and he succeeded. Java and Javascript in fact are not the same language, they just share similarities in their syntax derived from C++.

Considering the history of Javascript it is quite surprising how this language has no changed the web and how websites are still developing based on the usage of it. The web in fact changed from the static links, text, images to the new Single Page Applications (SPAs) that are Web Apps based on a single HTML file that dynamically updated based on user interaction avoiding page reloads.


Client-side vs Server-side

How does Javascript works? Javascript is a "client-side" scripting language, that means that the internet browser works as interpreter and executor of the javascript found in the HTML file or in a separate .js file. That makes Javascript easy to use inside a single page and a little more difficult to use between several pages bringing data from a page to another. That's explained the popularity of the Single Page Applications.

"Server-side" programming languages like PHP, ASP, Perl and Ruby on the contrary run on a remote computer (web-server) and return an HTML page to the browser. That makes server-side scripting more adapt for websites based on databases like e-commerce

There are some frameworks Javascript, like Node.js, that has revolutioned this standard, allowing Javascript not only client-side but also to the server-side. Used by big companies like Uber, Ebay and Paypal this kind of framework execute the code very efficiently and it's particularly used also in Data streming applications like Netflix.


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