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What is Python?

Python is an high level programming language, interpreted and object oriented, very useful to create scripting to automate repetitive tasks and testing, create artificial intelligence (AI) using functionalities like image and text processing as well as Web scraping.

It is a great language for beginners, in fact it was created to be easy to read and easy to learn.

Released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum it has recently become one of the most loved programming languages in the tech scenario thanks to its code readability. The latest version, Python 3, was released on December 3rd. This version is not completely backwards compatible with Python 2 but some fo the new features introduced in teh newest version makes life easier for begginers.

Speed is not one of Python best quality if compared to other compiled languages like C and Java, especially in scientific computing, however being easy to write and read it maintain a clear advantage over those languages in term of usability.


What can i do with Python?

The main application for Python is Data Science. We hear a lot about Data Science and Data Scientists lately, Python has been one of the major enabler for the latest trend in data analysis making things a lot easier for people who worked before with Excel and numbers and now can analyze a big amount of data in a fairly short time.

In addition to this you'll find a lot of Python applications in Machine Learning with algorithms able to study patterns and provide predictive data. Something that you may find in the "You might also like..." videos of Youtube where an algorithm finds what you might like based on what you and other users have seen. Imagine the other applications, like predict stock market, prices and other financial services, speech and image recognition.


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