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What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, but disregard his name because it is much more than a simple query language.

It is the standardized language for database designed to:

- Create, modify and remove database objects (DDL - Data Definition Language)
- Read, add, modify and delete database data (DML - Data Manipulation Language)
- Create queries in database (DQL - Data Query Language)
- Grant and revoke user authorization to control data stored in database (DCL - Data Control Language)

Developed in 1974 in the IBM Labs by Donald Chamberlin under the initial name of SEQUEL, SQL was commercialized in its first ANSI formalized version in 1986 and constantly updated with new functions through the years until the latest version in 2016 that added row pattern matching, polymorphic tabel functions and JSON.


What is a database?

A Database is a collection of data organized in tables, these tables store specific information and can be connected between each others to create complex results. For example, a common use of database is done when you have a huge amount of data that needs to be shown or managed, it can be a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or a website like Youtube or any e-commerce website.

Database tables contain the data similarly to how it happens in Excel, with rows and columns. Columns are pre-set based on which kind of data need to be stored and are named accordingly during the database design phase, rows instead contain the data and they can be of any number.


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