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What are the SEO Tools?

On the web there are several free tools able to analyze your website and tell you where your code needs to be changed in order to improve your position on Google search result.

Improve the position on SERP will result in esponential arrival of new visitors as well as improving the performance of a website with a special focus on mobile users will bring additional benefits considering some topics nowadays are visited mostly by mobile devices.

So, what these tools do? They basically analyze your code and check:

- if titles and descriptions are of the correct lenght
- if images have ALT tags
- if headers are used and consistent with content and title
- broken links, social media and backlinks
- the website performance and security
- the technology used

SEO Tools

This is one of my recent discovery and helped me a lot in improving CodeIsland SEO, especially at the beginning because it gave me an initial idea of what was needed to optimize the website.

The graphic of the tools is pretty modern, analyze everything needed to have a perfect website and gives hints on priorities to work on to receive the quick wins.

The analysis is done on 5 main areas:
- SEO: text, meta tags, ratios, image alt tags, broken links, backlinks, robots.txt, sitemap and analytics tools presence
- Usability: the tool simulate the usage of different mobile devices, check font legibility and if the website is mobile responsive.
- Performance: users nowadays do not want to wait anymore to load a website so the tool check how long it takes for the server to respond, to load the page, the number of total resources and if images are optimized.
- Social: the presence, shares, likes on the most important social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
- Security: checks if there are any security issues or viruses, if the technology used is the most recent, if SSL is enabled and the websiet is correctly redirected to the HTTPS url.


This iwebchk tool, even using a rudimental graphic style and design, provide users with all information necessary to improve their SEO. Particular importance is given to the social media presence, as well as the text ratio rules, backlinks, security and the keywords used.

The tool is free and provide already enough information but there are some extra functionalities that are available only for who subscribes their services, the registration is fast and totally free.

These advanced functionalities offer:
- Facebook analysis
- Accessibility check
- Mobile optimization analysis and rendering
- Analysis of the indexed pages
- Hyperlinks and keywords used
- Page speed analysis using Google Page Speed Score

All in all is a very good free tool and provide more about the SEO, it's perfect to spot errors done in the coding or in the usage of the keywords ratio.


This Nibbler tool is quite tough to satisfy, it's totally free but quite complete, checking several random pages of a website and analysing the avarage result.

Results are devided in:

- Accessibility: checking the classical headers, meta tags and mobile optimization but also internal links and url format.

- Experience: giving great importance to social media but also amount of content, printability and freshness.

- Marketing: again social media and how well shared the website is.

- Technology: checks how well designed the website is, checking mobile behaviour and server responsiveness.

The tool provides immediate suggestions for improval and offers specific details of each subject of the analysis that helps improve website SEO.


Small SEO Tools

This Small SEO Tools website is not really small, it provides over 150 different tools abel to check every aspect of your website. There are so many tools that it's very challenging to try them all.

A big focus is given to the textual content, it's in fact possible to check plagiarism, rewrite articles using AI technology and check teh grammar. It is well known that orthographic mistakes and content copied from other website results in ban from the search engine research results.

In addition to the text content tools there are also tools covering image editing, keywords, backlinks, website management, tracking and proxy tools, domain checks and more.

Small SEO Tools


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